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Liki-Matt Advisor

I have had dogs for nearly 30 years.

My last dog Bailey did Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold. He was also a Pets As Therapy dog and used to spend Monday afternoons at the old peoples home where he got lots of cuddles and Treats. 

In his later life, Bailey suffered with elbow dysplasia, I used a lot of natural remedies to help him, along with this he also had hydrotherapy, water treadmill and acupuncture. 

I currently help at local dog shows with a dog trainer I know. 

I currently have a puppy Labrador who is 8 months old,  I am very much into raw feeding and like to only give natural treats. 

I also love to use a Liki Mat as they are great for mental stimulation. 

Raw Advisor​

Liki-Matt Advisor