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Our NEW dog 

Weight Clinic is now OPEN

We are dog lovers and really believe a healthy dog is a happy dog!

This is why we decided to open our very own Dog Weight Clinic for our customers. We have listed the key reasons your dogs weight is important below.

Joint Support

Naturally a heavier body will mean that there is more pressure on joints. If your dog is overweight, this can cause excess pressure on joints, that could lead into issues later in life such as arthritis.

Heart Health

The heart is the key to health it is responsible for pumping blood around your dogs body. If your dog is overweight, the heart will have to work harder to keep blood flowing and carry the oxygen your dog needs.

Longer Life

By ensuring your dog is at a healthy weight, you can actually help them live longer! If they are overweight, there will be more pressure on the heart and other vital organs that can lead to a shorter life.

Here is what you can expect

It is important to us that you know what to expect when you come to our weight clinic so that you and your dog feel comfortable.

Discuss your dog and any concerns you have
If you have any concerns about your dogs weight you can discuss this with us before we begin.
Weigh your dog
We will then invite your dog onto our fully calibrated scales for their first weigh in.
Discuss steps going forward
We will tell you your dogs weight and discuss a plan of action (if needed). Your dogs weight will be logged onto our weight tracking system Along with any recommendations we have given you. You will be able to login and access this information at anytime for your reference. We will also answer any questions you may have.
We will welcome you back at any point to re weigh your dog and see how things are going. If needed we will review your plan of action and make any adjustments, we will discuss these with you and again, it will all be logged onto the system for your convenience.

Ready to sign up?

We ask that you register for free before your first weigh in, this will allow us to easily locate your account and add the first weight recored for you. Once your account is created, you will be able to login from anywhere and follow your dogs weight journey along with any notes or recommendations we have given you.