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My name is Luke and I am an animal lover. I have had many animals growing up from dogs to cats, hamsters, birds, reptiles, and more!

I love that each animal has a different personality. Dogs are always happy for attention while some cats can be shy or timid at first but when they get comfortable with you they will come right over and snuggle next to you or curl up on your lap. 

Animals teach us so much about life: how we should never give up no matter the obstacle in front of us because if we stay positive then anything is possible!

With this in mind, I started Surrey Dog Feeds with my uncle over 6 years ago after getting tired of seeing other companies exploit the market for profit instead of providing quality food and treats at low prices. 

Surrey Dog Feeds was then born, we have sourced high quality grain free dry and raw dog food diets as well as fantastic 100% natural dog treats that our customers (and their dogs) love! 

Raw Advisor​